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Anti Static ESD Adjustable Wrist Strap Discharge Band Ground Metal Bracelet
1. Brand new and high quality
2. Metal ring with anti-allergic stainless steel ring outer insulating layer, anti-friction.
3. Loop length can be adjusted.
4. Easy to use and flexible, long life and does not produce dust, can be used for more than 100 Cleanroom environment.
5. Mainly for the production line staff and static index is high individuals within the scope of activities of production and easy to produce static electricity generated in their daily working lives high electrostatic potential
6. Use of "point discharge" principle, to achieve electrostatic collection and release.
1. Main parts: Adopt ABS plastic material synthesis;
2. Metal wrist ring: stainless steel elastic bands;
3. Color: metal color
4. Surface resistance: <10Ω
5. Electrostatic discharge time: <0.1s
6. Cable length: Adjustable
Package includes: 
1 x Anti-static Wrist Strap


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