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1. This plastic welding torch own the features of high strength welding, effectual sealing, fast speed, high quality, easy-operation.    
2. The welding torch is made up of Nozzle, torch cover, torch core, mica set, fan blade, large motor, diode, handle, etc..
3. Thermoplastics has good resistant to corrosion in acid, alkali, and salt, good forming nature, easy to process and use.
4. The torch has excellent electric insulating property, when add 1500V AC 50HZ power and torch core, electric motor and torch cover have no breakdown situation.
5. When the working temperature reach at 20℃, and the hot air torch can continue to work 4 hours, and the temperature of the handle will no over 30℃.
6. Widely use to all kinds of plastic welding industry, use to on the spot welding construction of many types of plastic plates like PVC/PE/PP/PVDF, pipeline, membrane sheet ect, also fit for dedusting of instruments, meters, and drying electric machine etc..
7. Ideal for welding of plastic, like plating bath, chemical store tank, plastics pipeline.

Model Number: DSH-B
Material: Metal & PP Plastic
Power: 700W
Woring Voltage: AC 220V; DC 24V
Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
Welding Area: 6m㎡
Air Volume: 0.3 M3/min
Outlet Temperature: ≥400℃
Sizes: Apprex. 25.5 x 25 x 7 (L x W x H)
Weight: Apprex. 1080g
Plug: American three-pin plug
Usage: for stitching plastic
- When in the first time using, it may appear some smoke, please rest assured that it is the normal phenomenon, and the smoke
  will be disappeared after the welding power on 5 minutes
- Genally, welding temperature is about 240℃, and there is 200-260℃ within 5-10mm between nozzle and welding spot.
- If the heating wire off, the screw in the torch can be screwed off, and take out torch core, and replace it with the same new one.
- please put down the air torch gently after finishing the welding job, avoid to break refractory ceramic part of the core.
Package Included:
1 x Electric Hot Air Welding Torch

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