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Description :

ProsKit SI-B161 Battery Operated Professional Soldering Iron Suit

This Battery Operated Soldering Iron is a cordless tool that heats quickly and cools down nearly as fast.
It creates the heat right in the proprietary tip material, making the tool 20 times more efficient than the average conventional soldering iron.

Features :

Fast start-up feature to reach 365ºF/185ºC in 12 seconds.
One tip changer tool, one coil solder wire, and a safety cap (included)
Equivalent to a 9 Watt iron at 450ºC max.
Lightweight and completely portable.
Solder up to 160 joints with fully charged batteries.
Approximately 30 minutes of continuous use.
Long life, iron-plated tip.
Bright white LED illuminates soldering area.

Specification :

Model : SI-B161
Outer dimensions (w/o cap)soldering iron (mm) : 190 (L) x 38.3 (H) x 21.8 (W)
Battery : 3 x 1.5V AA Alkaline
Operating time : Approx 30 minutes continuous use with new battery
Approximate temp of soldering tip : 9W (max) / 840°F (450°C)
Time to reach operating temp : 365°F/185°C in 12 seconds
Approx nos of solder joints intermittently : 160 joints / using new batteries
Replacement tip : 9SI-B161-T long life, iron-plated, anti-corrosion

Package included :

1 x ProsKit SI-B161 Soldering Iron
1 x Tip 


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