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1. Build-in mini CPU digital control circuitry, control the temperture critically.
2. Quick heat-up and faster thermal recovery, permitting high quality soldering work.
3. With light and handy body, no feeling of fatigue for long period of operation.
4. Top temperature sensor design, the tip temperature sensor quickly, can significantly reduce the temperature of the welding nozzle in the process of temperature drop phenomenon, suitable for lead-free process technology.
5. With particular LCD display which with back light, display the set temperature clearly.
Power: 90W (Max 145W)
Input / Output Voltage: Input 220V/110V, Output 220V/110V (50/60Hz)
Temperature Range: 100-480 Degrees Celsius
Tips Terms: 900M Series

Heating Element: 220V/110V printed porcelain

Package includes: 
1 x PX-988 Electric Soldering Iron
Note: We will send you a plug adapter according to your country.

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