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WP-17FV 12-Foot 150Amp Air Cooling Argon Arc Welding Gun Tig Torch Complete With Flexible and Valve Head

With Air cooling argon arc welding gun, long bent cap, porcelain tsui, tungsten needle in one set.
Integrity equipment, for convenience using.
For common argon arc welding machine modified water cooling equipment special welding torch.
Adopting high quality rubber tube with crush resistance, sturdy and durable.
Adopting high quality jean cloth with high temperature resistant flame retardant.
Material: Rubber + jean clothes + ceramics + copper
Model: WP-17FV
Length: 3.7M
Package includes:
1 x Air cooling argon arc welding gun
1 x Long bent cap
1 x Short bent cap
1 x Tungsten needle
2 x Porcelain tsui

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