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TIG torch accessory kit for large gas lens set-up in torch 17, 18 and 26 series.
For use with 3/32" tungsten electrode.
Two Alumina gas lens ceramic cups 53N88 #10 (5/8") and 53N87 #12 (3/4").
Five collets 10N24 3/32".
One large gas lens collet bodies 45V64 3/32".
One gasket 54N63 for large gas lens setup.
Material: Alumina+Copper+Plastic
Size: As picture show you
Package Included:
1 x Large Gas Lens Cups #10
1 x Large Gas Lens Cups #12
1 x Gasket for Large Gas Lens Cup
1 x 3/32" Large Gas Lens Collet Body
5 x 3/32" Collet

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